Hey, the name's Cloud Strife. I'm in charge of the ravagers in the army and I'm looking forward to being sent on a mission with you, and getting to know you. You can find me either walking around with Zack and Faris or trying to help fulfill Aerith's dreams of spreading her garden. If you're a ravager then welcome, I'll make sure that you all become great soldiers and learn how to cooperate effectively with the others. Well that's enough talking for now. You just sit back and watch how it's all done!
Taejin's Army: Cloud Strife

Burning For A Fight | Cloud and Faris

Cloud just finished waking up, showering, and eating breakfast. He didn’t feel all too comfortable at home. Many thoughts were running through his head and he needed some fresh air and open space to think about the issues he has. He still had the tired-looking expression on his face and he walked out with that same face. It was morning and it seemed very quite outside, not even the birds were awake, but it wasn’t long until they began chirping.

Ugh, the thought keeps coming to me, I know they’re out there and still up to no good, he said to himself. He then looked up at the sky with his eyes squinting, Cloud was still obviously a little tired, but a walk would wake him up. He continued and made his way to a nearby beach, he had seen it before but never actually went to it until now. The sand was warm and the waves were slowly coming in, he sat on the floor and slowly began leaning back and laid on the sand. He found it comfortable most likely due to his tiredness. Cloud ended up falling asleep, then he began seeing things………… he began dreaming.

"He is a failure, he hasn’t shown any improvements or any change at all in the past months" said a voice. Cloud couldn’t see anything all he heard were voices. He then began opening his eyes slowly, and then they quickly widened, he found everything so familiar. He saw where the voice was coming from, that scientist…… he remembered him. "Oh well, we’ll just have to dispose of him, bring in the execution force to take him away" the scientist said as he walked towards the next pod. Cloud’s eyes then looked towards the exit and saw a group of men then come in, he was in shock and suddenly everything turned white and the next thing he was looking at was the bright sky.

Cloud quickly got up and looked around, he was still at the beach. Ugh, I fell asleep and had that nightmare, even when I escape from them I still have these bothersome thoughts, I was helpless and could do nothing, he thought to himself. He then grabbed his sword and held it in front of him, he began remembering words that Hope had told him. “So I can make my physical attacks stronger but only slightly, somewhat of a blitz attack” he said to himself while staring at the sword. Cloud then decided to try and use this new move.

He raised his sword and grabbed it with the other hand and put it over his right shoulder. He concentrated his mind, a similar way to when he first cast Fira, he then brought his sword down diagonally while casting Flamestrike at the same time.  Nothing occurred, nothing was different than what would happen when he cast a normal Flamestrike. Cloud then took a stance and held his sword horizontally, repeating the same action, focused he swung his sword getting good range and casting Flamestrike, he felt the flames spread out from the sword outward in a circular motion, but then he lost his balance and fell to the ground. 

He got up a tad disappointed, then looked around to see if the fire spread. There were tiny flames spread out, he wasn’t sure if it worked. Cloud then noticed someone nearby. Did I hurt that person?, he asked himself a bit concerned. He got up and slowly approached the other.