Hey, the name's Cloud Strife. I'm in charge of the ravagers in the army and I'm looking forward to being sent on a mission with you, and getting to know you. You can find me either walking around with Zack and Faris or trying to help fulfill Aerith's dreams of spreading her garden. If you're a ravager then welcome, I'll make sure that you all become great soldiers and learn how to cooperate effectively with the others. Well that's enough talking for now. You just sit back and watch how it's all done!
Taejin's Army: Cloud Strife

Beflowered Checkup | Cloud and Yeul

Cloud has been traveling to many places since he was enlisted in the army. He just came from his mission with the other ravager. Helping a Chocobo egg survive wasn’t what I expected, he thought to himself as he walked by HQ. He wasn’t feeling so great ever since they came back from Alarsya Gorge. The medics might be able to help me. 

He then turned to where he remembered being told where the clinic was to visit. It was an unusual feeling that overcame Cloud, an uncontrollable headache. He hasn’t had something to eat in quite some time which could be the cause, but he couldn’t take the risk. He had a blank expression on his face, he didn’t want to do anything but lie down. 

I remember hearing that the soldiers were getting their checkups not too long ago. Cloud entered the clinic and looked around, he walked up to the personnel behind the desk. “Do you know where I can go to get a checkup?” he asked in a unexcited tone. She pointed towards her left and gave him directions of where to head. He walked slowly looking in every room to see who would be the one who can help him.

Cloud then saw a young girl not too far ahead, I’ve never see her before around here, what is she doing here?, he asked himself. He had no other choice but to see if she knew anything and decided to go and see if she would know where he can go.

She didn’t seem too tall and she still had time to grow from the looks of it. He couldn’t see her face as she was facing towards a different room, he couldn’t identify exactly what she was doing, but decided to interrupt. “Excuse me, do you know who it is I’m supposed to see for a checkup?” he asked in the same tone as before.